Jumond Media, LLC

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Jumond Creates original entertainment content for every age audience, on every screen around the world. The company's brands strive for creative excellence and cultural impact across programming, motion pictures and digital and toy products experiences that live online, on mobile and via apps.

Through television and digital media platform, as well as consumer products.

Jumond Media Networks

Jumond Media Networks is the largest portfolio of cable networks in the United States, in terms of audience share. It is also most great, diverse and culturally relevant collection of brands in media and entertainment. JMD is the home the modern and middle generation. Jumondon is the number one network owned for kids by Jumond Media International. RadioJumond is the number one radio station for physical and digital for kids.

Jumond Media Networks brands are divided into 90 groups: JMD Networks, including JMD the Music and Entertainment Group, which includes Jumond Radio and Jumond Music Group and the Jumondon Group, which includes kids network Jumondon and its related brands, Also including Film and its including Jumond Pictures Entertainment and its brands, For more information , click on any of the logo below:

Jumond Pictures Entertainment Corp.

One of the mini major entertainment and media brands in the world, Jumond Pictures Corporation is responsible for the worldwide production, sales, and marketing of films from internationally recognized labels. The company is responsible for distributing filmed entertainment from Jumond Pictures, Dark Road Pictures, Studio 8 Films Releasing, Jumond Pictures Animation, Jumond Pictures Television and Jumond Pictures Music, JMD Movies, Jumondon Movies.

Jumond Universal Theme Park

Jumond Media Communications owns Jumond Universal Park with two locations in Atlanta with only Jumondon Resort Suites and in Orlando Florida, with Jumond Resort Suites including 288 acres of Jumond Universal with Frandie Park, Ametha Water Park, Jumondon Splash, DavidJehova Island. Jumondon Park is based on the kids network.    Read more


Jumond Networks


Radio Jumond

Jumond Pictures Entertainment

Jumond Music Group

Jumond Universal Park